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A limited hand-drawn sketch of the MI6 featured in the first edition of Architectour London Guide. The drawing comes in a box with an art certificate. Prints are also available upon request.

Art Description

  • Title: MI6
  • Size: 148 x 210 mm (5.8 x 8.3 in)
  • Paper: Hahnemühle
  • Technique: Micro pigment ink, waterproof and fade proof

About the building

The MI6, the Secret Intelligence Service from the United Kingdom, has been featured in several James Bond movies. It is even said that when the special premiere of Skyfall was held at Vauxhall Cross for MI6 staff, they cheered when their headquarters was destroyed in the film.

About the artist

Virginia Duran is an architect and urban planner from Madrid, Spain. Her profession as an architect and her passion for art remain inextricably entwined. As a result, her primary interest within art is space and its relationship to people.  

For more information email: hello@architectourguide.com or phone us on 077 097 097 83