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An Architectour Quiz

You might know all the buildings and their respective architects without failure, but do you know what these architects look like?

Whilst we are able to identify St Paul’s Cathedral and London’s Natural History Museum without a glimpse, would we be so confident at distinguishing between Christopher Wren and Alfred Waterhouse? 

Our mission at Architectour is to celebrate the built world and their architects so we’ve put together a quiz to strengthen your knowledge on these subjects. 

There are two architects in the following images? Who? 
Every architect gets you a point.


For more great architects and their London masterpieces check our London Guide .


Architects 1 & 2

Hint: They both studied in the same country.

Architects 3 & 4

Hint: They both come from the same continent.

Architects 5 & 6

Hint: Both architects died in the same country.

Architects 7 & 8

Hint: Both live in the same country.

Architects 9 & 10

Hint: They both work in the same country.

We’ll publish the answers soon.

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