5 Movies About London to Uplift, Inspire and Make You Feel Good

London is a stimulating city and it has inspired countless generations over the years. Playwrights like Shakespeare have made a debut in London, musicians like Mozart have begun their careers here and even Harry Potter set about Hogwarts from King’s Cross. One way or another, London has been the background of great stories and, luckily for us, many movies have depicted these tales worth learning about.

Movie Time by Al-amin Sunny

Today we want to bring to your attention a specific category within all great London Movies: The uplifting kind. Why? Well, you know why. #StayHome baby. That’s why Architectour team has pulled together this short list of some of our favourite London movies. These are great stories, with great cinematography and most importantly, they feel great to watch — should you need a little help to lift your spirits. In fact, even if you have watched some of these, watch them again as they are truly delightful, inspiring and beautifully made.

In these movies, London appears as gorgeous, vibrant and inspiring as ever. God… we miss London. Which is funny because we are in London.

Now, shall we start making some popcorn?

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1. Passport to Pimlico (1949)

This old post-war comedy is the epitome of British humour. Amongst the war debris of Pimlico, some important documents are found and the area is then declared independent from England. This means no bureaucratic restrictions like the typical pub closure at 11pm (the Brits really rejoice with this one) or any annoying post-war rationing. Has anyone been feeling like Sainsbury’s could do a bit of that one with toilet paper? 😂

Key London buildings featured in the movie: Palace of Westminster, National Gallery, Holborn Viaduct, Hercules Road near Lambeth Palace and London Zoo.

Watch trailer here.


2. The Madness of King George (1994)

Though the story is true — George III’s reign was a hell of a ride — the (potentially made up) personal details in which the movie focuses, make it more fun an entertaining. If you are after the hard facts (including the suspected disease), you can read them in Wikipedia. The movie is about George III’s mental health (deteriorating), his equally declining relationship with his son and the future heir, and the loss of America, which set the context of one of the key historical periods of British history. Also, the performance by Nigel Hawthorne is delightful, and makes you truly love the king despite his vanity and bad humour.

Key London buildings featured in the movie: St Paul’s Cathedral, Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College and Syon House.

Watch trailer here.


3. Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Ah, Shakespeare, we are such big fans. The more one learns about talented William, the more mysterious he becomes. His plays, poems and personal life reveal a rich inner-self worthy of attention. We know so much about him that this comedy, an imaginary love affair between him and Viola de Lesseps, is what everybody wishes it happened when he was working on Romeo and Juliet. There are some surprising funny moments which will make you have a great time. Actually, we are giggling while writing this.

Key London buildings featured in the movie: The Globe, Middle Temple and St Bartholomew-the-Great.

Watch trailer here.


4. Miss Potter (2006)

Don’t get us wrong, Bridget Jones (2001) is one of the best movies by Renée Zellweger but — though funny — it’s not the female story we are up to these days. That’s why we find Miss Potter, a story about an ambitious English writer, illustrator and natural scientist (amongst others), a lot more interesting. Renée Zellweger is equally charming and funny in the shoes of Beatrix Potter, and it’s a beautiful story more people should learn about.

Key London buildings featured in the movie: The Reform Club near St James Palace, Lincoln’s Inn Fields and Osterley Park.

Watch trailer here.


5. Victoria & Abdul (2017)

Last but not least, this utterly witty and funny movie tells a story unknown to most: the unique alliance between Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim, the ‘Munshi’ who travelled to England in 1887 to help mark Victoria’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. Victoria appointed him to be her Indian Secretary, showered him with honours, and obtained a land grant for him in India. Though it’s a creative interpretation of their relationship, it’s a feel-good one. Read about the real Munshi story here

Key London buildings featured in the movie: The Old Royal Naval College and Windsor Castle.

Watch trailer here.

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